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Community, sustainability and honesty are the bedrock of Yawoa Foundation’s operations.


A Prodigy Project Workshop

The 5-day skills empowerment program trained 15 women thespians in The Art of Tie and Dye. The curriculum for this program covered not just training on the Tie & Dye process but also textile branding, marketing and sewing. 

The women learnt both vocational skills and the best practices to set up and manage a clothing business. Today, five women have begun their businesses making and selling graphic branded T-shirts and other clothing items in the community. 

Send a cv and a motivation letter where you describe your background, and art practice and reflect on your relation to glass and glass art via email to 

Should you have any questions feel free to contact us. 

You will be informed about the results by  22th August 2022.

How To Apply

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