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A custom healthcare plan for artists and creatives

We enhance the social welfare of artists by providing health insurance plans, ensuring a basic level of social security


Because of the solitary nature of their creative endeavors, artists and creatives often find themselves overlooked in terms of access to healthcare.

Our focused area of intervention includes the provision of healthcare packages catering for essential healthcare interventions, as well as the provision of mental health therapy for artists in partnership with Ndidi, the foremost psychotherapist for artists in Nigeria.

Key components of the Yawoacare plan

Our mental health support group

The provision of access to quality and affordable healthcare to artists is one of our core priorities. Stemming from the healthcare background of our founder, we leverage a network of highly skilled health and technology professionals to develop tailored healthcare plans for artists and creatives. This is at the center of our commitment to nurture a community of fulfilled individuals, who want to make the practice of arts their profession. Since it's launch in 2021, approximately 40 artists benefited from Yawoacare 


Our goal is to improve access to health care in the arts and creative industries.

We invite and encourage more stakeholders to join us as we invest in this critical yet undermined sector of the African economy.


Yawoa Care Health Program was quite helpful to me last year especially around May/June when I fell really sick and couldn’t take a full work leave to attend to myself.
I was able to access some health centers to get myself checked and treated in between and that really helped. I was also able to get a diagnose for a recurring condition i had not really paid attention to earlier. 


As a disabled artist living with multiple chronic illnesses, healthcare has been accessible and affordable for me these past 2 years, thanks to Yawoa Foundation, and I am grateful for the support you have given me. Thank you again for your generosity. 


Some testimonials from our enrollees

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