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We partner with community organizers and social enterprises to drive empowerment initiatives that contributes to upskill artists, creatives and under-represented demographies  


The 5-day skills empowerment program trained 15 women thespians in The Art of Tie and Dye. The curriculum for this program covered not just training on the Tie & Dye process but also textile branding, marketing and sewing. 

The women learnt both vocational skills and the best practices to set up and manage a clothing business. Today, five women have begun their businesses making and selling graphic branded T-shirts and other clothing items in the community. 

we are highlighting our commitment to promoting conversations around the environment and the actions that could be done to better the health of the earth through the arts. The theme “Reflekt” would educate 5 talented artists on the technique of glass blowing at the Igo Glass blowing studio Illupeju and give an opportunity to reflect on their various artistic practices and careers through the medium of glass.

Movie Screening

We organize movie screenings to showcase excellent African indie talents in film. Juju Stories is a three-part anthology film exploring juju (magical) stories rooted in Nigerian folklore and urban legend. It was written and directed by the new wave cinema collective called Surreal 16.

The Prodigy Project

The Prodigy Project is a multicultural platform that connects emerging artists with the next generation of creators from Africa and the African Diaspora.

Through a series of workshops focused on artistic discovery, the project nurtures a creative space where artists engage with different communities, initiate a transfer of skills and inspire a career path to undiscovered talents from various communities.

They serve as mentors for the next generation of creators while sharpening their ability to teach others.

Women empowerment program
Glass blowing workshop
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