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Juju Stories Movie Screening


We organize movie screenings to showcase excellent African indie talents in film. Juju Stories is a three-part anthology film exploring juju (magical) stories rooted in Nigerian folklore and urban legend. It was written and directed by the new wave cinema collective called Surreal 16.

juju screening

Written and directed by C.J. Obasi, Abba Makama and Michael Omonua. Juju Stories features three stories: “Love Potion” by Omonua, “YAM” by Makama, and “Suffer The Witch” by Obasi. It had its theatrical release in Nigeria on 21 January 2022.

Juju stories explores juju in contemporary Lagos through three stories. In “Love Potion,” by Omonua, an unmarried woman agrees to use juju to find herself an ideal mate. In “Yam,” by Makama, consequences arise when a street urchin picks up seemingly discarded money from the roadside. In “Suffer the Witch,” by Obasi, love and friendship turn into obsession when a young college woman attracts her crush’s interest.

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