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The Prodigy Project


The Prodigy Project is a multicultural platform that connects emerging artists with the next generation of creators from Africa and the African Diaspora.

Through a series of workshops focused on artistic discovery, the project nurtures a creative space where artists engage with different communities, initiate a transfer of skills and inspire a career path to undiscovered talents from various communities.

They serve as mentors for the next generation of creators while sharpening their ability to teach others.


Samson Bakare describes his paintings as “time machines,” as they venture back into the past and depict an African society that might have existed had history taken a different turn. He paints Black people in positions of power, in full control of their surroundings.

Inspired by this, he led the participants in a creative session where they thought back to a memory and brought it to life through art.

Exploring a Time Machine with Samson Bakare

Diving Into The Beauty and Fragility of Clay with Adams Anne

Our Guest artists in this edition of The Prodigy Project was celebrated potter; Adams Anne. She makes use of the coil method to establish form; geometric tones and textures, and recurrent patterns to create a perception of order and beauty. She was also inspired to creative expression through clay by a mentor.

She took the participants on a journey to draw inspiration from their environment and implement this in the creation of their individual pieces.

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