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In Heavenly Blue 

A home coming project featuring
Sola Olulode and Paul Majek


In collaboration with Wunika Mukan Gallery, the exhibition was complemented by an enriching 5-day immersive trip organized by the Yawoa Foundation. This journey provided the artists with the opportunity to delve into the art of crafting the iconic traditional Nigerian Adire. Facilitated by tutors from the North of Nigeria, this experience was made possible through a partnership with the esteemed Nike Art Gallery.

Sola olulode
Paul Majek

"In Heavenly Blue" served as a deeply resonant homecoming initiative, dedicated to introducing the captivating works of Sola Olulode and Paul Majek to the dynamic Nigerian art scene. Beyond showcasing their talents, it offered a unique chance for these UK-based artists to immerse themselves in traditional techniques that have profoundly shaped their artistic journeys.


Olulode's textured canvases delve into the fluidity of identities, advocating for the representation and celebration of queer intimacies, while Majek's paintings on wood evoke dream-like emotions of peace and reminiscence, centered around themes of family.

Highlights from the project

Sola Olulode
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