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Face the Nation

Bringing Zimbabwe to Nigeria, Fostering pan-African creativity


In 2022, Nigerian based Wunika Mukan Gallery launched its inaugural artist residency program, proudly supported by Yawoa Foundation. The residency welcomed Option Nyahunzvi Dzikamai from Zimbabwe as its first guest, offering him an enriching cultural exchange experience from August to September 2022.


Under the theme "Face the Nation," Dzikamai utilized the two-month residency to delve into the complexities of his own experiences. From his journeys to his exploration of the realities of black life, he tackled a diverse array of themes and scenarios while being immersed in the budding Nigerian Art Scene.

Highlights from the Residency

One significant interpretation of "Facing the Nation" emphasized by Dzikamai relates to the responsibility of political leaders to address the challenges faced by their constituents, particularly within the African context.

During his stay in Nigeria, Option also actively participated in the Yawoa Foundation's mental wellness program known as "Fireside Session," where he engaged in insightful discussions with fellow artists regarding the influence of mental health on the creative process. Additionally, he had the opportunity to partake in the Glass Making Workshop organized by the Yawoa Foundation in collaboration with Igo Glass, Lagos, further enriching his artistic experience.

"Oga" by Option Dzikamai

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