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Fireside Sessions


Yawoa Foundation’s Fireside Sessions is a FREE support group for artists and creatives. We recognize the role community plays in the creative process and we use this medium to provide them with space to commune, engage and share their personal struggles, inspirations and process.

Community Building

Following weeks of engagement with artists and creatives in the community during the month of October 2021, The importance of a sustained conversation around the mental health of creatives amongst themselves and with the ecosystem was made apparent and we decided to create a platform that could afford artists the space to commune, engage and share their personal struggles in a warm and supportive environment.

There are very few avenues for artists and creatives to connect in the country. Creatives are left to leverage social media, and personal contact to network and connect with themselves in the highly decentralized and expansive industry that they play in and this can be an isolating industry for the creative just starting in this field.

Yawoa Foundations Fireside sessions brings creatives together to share and learn first-hand from each other tools tips and tricks to navigate their field and also receive guidance from leading psychotherapist Amanda Iheme of Ndidi who facilitates the session.

Ndidi, a key leader in the mental health space in Nigeria offers warm, non-judgemental counselling and psychological services that are tailored to meet the needs of private and corporate bodies, in Nigeria and Africa.

  • It helps reduce distress, depression, anxiety and fatigue

  • It provides a space for artists to realize they are not alone

  • It is a means for artists to help others through issues that they have faced 

  • It provides a supportive environment to express your feelings

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Here are some benefits of support groups: 

Fireside Sessions is free to attend and we would be sponsoring the first three therapy sessions of select attendees across the sessions for the year.

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